Sparkling Mineral Water

Sparkling Mineral Water - Fleck

Fleck Sparkling Mineral Water Shope Now.

Our water has optimal levels of healthy minerals to enrich your
well-being. Only light carbonation is added.

Fleck is available in either 350ml or 750ml glass bottles.


The Queenstown Spring Source

Fleck’s source emerges naturally in Queenstown’s Gibbston Valley at an altitude of 285m. Elemental markers in the water indicate that much of it fell as rain or snow in the local mountains above 1000m and took 30 or more years to surface at the spring (mean residence time of 16-50 years).

This lengthy journey, along with a remarkably consistent mineral profile, flow and temperature mark it as a very secure groundwater source. The local geology is dominated by schist rock, which gives the water both it’s signature mineral character and is the key element of Gibbston Valley’s renowned “terroir” – the world’s Southernmost wine appellation.

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